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Meet The Team

  1. Kim Loeffler
    Kim started practicing yoga in 2011 as a way to avoid the gym. She fell in love with yoga as a way to stay in shape and most of all it taught her to balance and center herself through the mind, body and breath connection. Kim decided to deepen her practice and attend The American Yoga Academy for her 200 hr. certification, enabling her to share her new found passion with others. Kim's goal is to provide a safe and sacred space to practice yoga without feeling self conscious and free of judgment. She loves to guide others how to find balance and "simply be". Namaste...
  2. Jen Walker
    Jen is a busy mom of two boys ages 7 and 9. Over the last few years Jen has managed to make yoga a regular part of her life. At first she wanted to fit yoga in to enhance her regular exercise routine, she has found it does that and so much more.
  3. Susan Lieberman
    Susan began her yoga journey in 2014 through the help of a back injury. She was immediately drawn to the mat, practicing daily on her own and taking classes as her schedule permitted
  4. Linda Sheehan
    Linda began practicing yoga in 2011, falling in love with the physical aspect she continued to focus on the asana. In time, the mental and spiritual aspect came as well. Wanting to go deeper into her understanding of yoga and be able to share with others what it means to her, she embarked on her 200 hour yoga teacher training in January 2015 and graduated in May 2015. Linda teaches playful, energetic, alignment based vinyasa classes and is well versed in all aspects of yoga.
  5. Michelle Ireland
    Michelle uses her 25 year career as a Montessori teacher and 500 RYT training from the American Yoga Academy to guide her yoga students into a journey of health and wellness. With a passion for teaching coupled with a warm and loving essence, Michelle's classes nourish the body, mind and spirit, giving true meaning to the union through yoga, lifting every BODY to their highest potential by bridging the gap between health and happiness. Namaste
  6. Karen Hamilton
    Karen's yoga journey began in 2006 at a local gym, and she was drawn to the practice after her initial yoga class. Yoga offers Karen the calm and balance she needed to balance family life and an often demanding profession. She steadily migrated to full practice at various yoga studios, delving into the spiritual as well as the physical aspect of yoga. Karen's love of yoga and it's gifts encourage her to continually deepen her studies (200 RYT and 30 Yin), to enable her to teach and share the benefits of yoga with others.
  7. Rhonda Calvert
    Always embracing the changes and upheaval that life brings. Rhonda discovered that yoga when practiced daily relieves stress, anxiety and promoted a sense of wellbeing. It was at that point she decided to commit to becoming a 200- hour yoga instructor. Rhonda is passionate about health and wellbeing. Her classes offer a variety of posses that are nurturing and promote strength. Yoga is for everyone and the benefits are immediate.
  8. Kathleen Leary
    Kathleen is an experienced Vinyasa yoga instructor and Reiki master who believes that at all ages yogis benefit from finding peace on the yoga mat, and then taking that peace back into life. Kathleen is always learning and adding to her yoga knowledge. She is a certified prenatal and childrens yoga instructor with foundation certifications in special needs and Thai Yoga Body Massage.
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